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Thread: Ranked PvP ideas

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    Default Ranked PvP ideas

    Hello, I dont know if this is already in the back works or not but i figured i would make a inquiry about it .

    I like the 5 v 5 PvP ,its a good idea , But i don't feel the incentive to do it over a Random que to gain the extra PA XP.

    I believe adding a 2 v 2 , and 3 v 3 mode as well , Making it so it has to be a premade team still , then tagging on a bonus such as , only if you win you gain 50 WL marks , or 25 Myrmidons marks or since its such a pain to get RIC or DIC , Maybe you have a choice for 10 Depleted after a win. I believe this would boost a lot of the PvP community , that has become burnt out because of a "Standstill" or hitting the end where all they need is RIC's so they just Wpvp and CQ.

    On top of that if you need a " Monthly WOF " Board , where it showed the top 50 ELO , based players for that month , I believe you would have a very large group of people that would be very heavily drawn to that.

    The rewards wouldn't be easily abused and massed farmed , because of the fact they're very little and only on win , but this gives players such as myself that finish they daily's and weeklies on day one , then just do dailies for a week , a way to continue to progress. Which Sow , Crucible , and Remorseless now know as Ramrod , All do , then just camp stone field.

    Just a idea i was kicking around.

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    If you want true ranked PvP, you are free to run AD carry as I demolish poor souls in the top lane.
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    a lot of things could be done to increase incensitive to play but it ultimately boils down to Rift PvP is too frustrating for teams to want to take the risk of queueing up against another 5 man pre-made

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