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Thread: New PvP Gear Naming Conventions

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    Default New PvP Gear Naming Conventions

    With the recent surge in gear customization from the PvP lockboxes I found it slightly disappointing that the nomenclature is somewhat lacklustre and confusing when it comes to gear management. It would be nice if some prefixes or suffixes were attached to clearly demarcate gear stat allocation for all pieces.

    As far as I know there seems to be several variants which clearly distinguish themselves from the vendor in various forms, these being:
    1. Medium Main stat, No secondary stat, High endurance, Med. CP/SPAP/SCPC
    2. Medium Main stat, Low secondary stat, Medium endurance, High CP/SPAP/SCPC
    3. High Main stat, Low secondary stat, Low endurance, Med CP/SPAP/SCPC
    In total there would be 9 variants, when taking into account CP/SPAP/SCPC models, but instead of coming up with 9 different names using 3 prefixes and 3 suffixes would suffice. For instance by adapting some in-game augments naming conventions:

    Prefixes for each variant listed above respectively without the bonus stat:
    1. Oathsworn's
    2. Dominion's
    3. Nightfall's
    Suffixes for bonus stat:
    1. SPAP variant name "of the Unwavering"
    2. CP variant name "of the Nefarious"
    3. SCPC variant name "of the Canny"
    So for an example:
    Medium Main stat, No secondary stat, High endurance, Med. SCPC Warlord's Robe
    would be named:

    Oathsworn's Warlord's Robe of the Canny

    High Main stat, Low secondary stat, Low endurance, Med CP Myrmidon's Shawl
    would be named:

    Nightfall's Myrmidon's Shawl of the Nefarious

    This would make it much easier to look for specific types of gear for ones build and make the game much more enjoyable inventory wise. Alternatively one could use the already in-game augment naming conventions and just attach them to each gear piece, but overall this seems a tad bit more complicated to implement.

    Thanks for reading.
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    Love the idea, but requires work. Work is hard. Can't ask someone to work. It's Un-American.

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    It would be nice if the pieces with different stats had different names/variance in names. Pretty straight forward . They have variance in everything else.
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    Will never happen as it's not pve related. Pvp is the last thing trion prioritises. Pvp related tasks are probably discussed over lunch starting with "how can we make more Pvp players quit?".

    Sad but true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grumpypants View Post
    Will never happen as it's not pve related.

    you realise that they half-*** the pve itemisation too, right?


    and so on. recurring issues for 3 years running. more raid tiers have released with mage gear carrying physical crit than haven't.

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