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Thread: end-game pvp

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    Default end-game pvp

    hello everyone.

    just recently decided to play some Rift agian after around half to whole year break.

    i did come back to a wiped account tho, lost all my characters sadly.

    but i want to know if theres any real difference on Defiant or Guardian side these days? like are one of the sides totally over running the others or is it fairly equal?

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    There is no world PvP so it doesn't matter.

    In Warfront queues faction does not matter. You can be placed on either faction in a Warfront regardless of your chosen faction.

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    Make a warlord, faceroll everyone, game over, you win at the internet.

    All jokes aside, faction doesn't really matter anymore.

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    Assuming you're going to a pve server- yes, faction doesn't matter.

    Go to a pvp server, and faction determines whether you appear red or green to those outside of safe zones- and THEN faction matters.

    And those who claim there is no world pvp are probably on pve servers. Not being critical (and yes, owpvp isn't as prevalent as it once was) but owpvp DOES happen on Seastone & other pvp servers.
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