I got pretty annoyed the last days standing multiple times in front of the chest to find out the invisible debuff hasn't vanished yet and i can't loot, so i added a simple timer to my pigeoncrusher addon to help with this. (In case you don't know the addon yet you might want to check this thread first)

"/pg reset" resets the timer to 1h.
Yeah i know it sucks that you have to do it manually, but couldn't think of anything else that quick since i'm also a total noob at addon development. (Maybe a more experienced developer has an idea here?)

The timer only runs when you are logged in on that character, of course.
To check it, middle mouse click on Saia's head or type "/pg time".

I've also added a "/pg toggle" command in case you don't want to have Saia's face on your screen all the time. If it is hidden you can still check the time via "/pg time" since it also broadcasts the timer in general chat.

Why not make a new addon for this you ask? Well a new addon is more work and i'm as lazy as you can get so there you have it.

You can download it from either riftui.com or curse.com, though if you are reading this right after the creation of this thread riftui is your only choice since curse is a lot slower with the approval of updates. Look for version 1.3.
riftui.com download
curse.com download

Could have been done much better, i know, it's just a quick and simple solution i made for myself but figured someone else might want to use it. Have fun.