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Thread: Player Damage Scale is MISLEADING

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    Default Player Damage Scale is MISLEADING

    For starts... Without Valor, players would be killing eachother in 1 to 3 shots every time, that IS the case for world PvP on Seastone. I completely agree that PvP geared players should have a significant advantage compaired to someone in PvE gear.

    However, the fact that players can in normal circumstances can easily hit for 5 figure damage amounts is the entire reason the PvP was DRASTICALLY unbalanced and Warfronts needed PvP boosts to stats to avoid manslaughter of lesser geared players... But now that doesn't make gearing up as rewarding...

    Rather than depending on a PvP socialism buff, why isn't player damage and NPC hit points scaled down approx -50%? The dependency on courage of the ascended wouldn't be a problem.

    I just thought normal 60 mobs having 82k health and hitting them for 25k is unnecessary and honestly means more confusion.

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    I don't like the bolstering system myself. Think it's more a bandaid solution only.

    I'd rather see them split the level 60 warfronts according to prestige rankings instead. That way people who are fresh 60 or PvE and trying it out for first time, don't have to come up against the high end prestige ranking warlord or Myrm geared players.

    Also means that we wouldn't need the bolstering system.

    Ranks 1-69
    Ranks 70-90

    Two groups.

    Groups 1 would mean there are people getting favor for Freelancer through out the group until they reach rank 70 where they should have enough favor to have warlord gear to compete in that second group.

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