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Thread: [feedback request] Comprehensive Guide: How to gear for PvP

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    Default [feedback request] Comprehensive Guide: How to gear for PvP

    I don't have a long edit timer, so before I repost this in Guides, please read and comment. Especially, I am ignorant of many PvE aspects of the game.

    • Fill out War Planar Attunement
    • Buy the base PvP set pieces and rune them
    • Rank up and upgrade them

    Planar Attunement

    The War tree is your top priority; fill it all out except for some of the green and purple nodes in T3.
    After that, fill out as you would PvE, though you may want to put more emphasis on Endurance. Prioritize Spell/Attack Power for your wand/ranged weapon, then for the weapons in your hands. Then your main stat, then endurance. You can also build towards the skills at the T2/T3 levels, for example T2 and T3 Fire have +SP/+AP enchants, while T2 Death has Vampiric Essence which can help you survive a little longer.


    The current set levels are Freelancer, Warlord, and Myrmidon. The names will change with new PvP seasons, but the general idea will probably remain the same.

    Freelancer gear can be bought from the Rift Store PvP section, or the Freelancer Quartermaster in the Tempest Bay PvP room (down the stairs to the right of the porticulum) for favor or credits. Once you hit Prestige rank 70 (80 for weapons), you can upgrade to the Warlord set using Warlord's <Upgrade> Cells, bought in the Store or from the Warlord Quartermaster for Warlord's Marks and favor. (You can also buy straight Warlord's gear for credits, but this is rather expensive). Warlord gear is further upgraded at rank 80 (90 for weapons) to Myrmidon via Myrmidon's <Upgrade> Cells, bought from the store or the Myrmidon Quartermaster for favor and Myrmidon's Marks.

    In warfronts and Conquest, all filled gear slots except Seal, Trinket, and Synergy Crystal are bolstered to the Freelancer level (essences are bolstered to slightly above Mercenary, but slightly below Freelancer).
    Beginner's Tip: FILL ALL YOUR GEAR SLOTS! Even if they are level 55 greens -- if a slot is empty, it will not get bolstered!
    Beginner's Tip: Buy a 6-slot Planar Focus and put lesser essences in all slots! The greater essences pre-level-60 aren't very good. You can buy a Conquest Master's Sigil or Source Engine, which comes with +50 Vengeance, from Leesi Nalan in the back of the Sanctum PvP area, or Jiana Relos near the Meridian PvP area, respectively (or from your vendor inside Conquest).
    Why should you buy them, then? So you can rune them, and so you can upgrade them later.
    Pro Tip: Don't bother buying a Freelancer piece until you can also rune it. There's no point otherwise. NOTE: when upgrading, runes disappear. Unslot them before upgrading (with a Store item for credits), or be prepared to buy new ones.
    Pro Tip: Prioritize getting the seal. The Valor it comes with helps more than it looks like. Then the trinket. Then prioritize getting 4 set pieces and a Synergy Crystal (from the Synergy Crystals vendor in the TB PvE vendor room, for Infinity Stones), because they help a lot (and more so at Warlord and Myrmidon level).
    Beginner's Tip: You may want to put Endurance runes on your gear where available, to make you look like less of an easy target and to help you survive a little longer.
    Runes by slot is the best reference I have found for which runes are available and what they do. Below, unless the vendor is noted, runes are available from the AH or a guildmate for plat.
    Pro Tip: Don't bother with +Valor runes, because with bolstering, War T2 PA filled out, and the seal, you have maxed valor already (broken tooltip notwithstanding).
    Seal: The Mercenary's Seal can be bought from the Conquest Quartermaster in the TB PvP vendor room for <Set> Marks of Conquest and favor, with no prestige rank requirement. It can be upgraded via <Set> Conquest Small Cells for more of the same. Runes: Lefty's Reprisal, same vendor, +40 Vengeance. Alternately, the Hailol (PvE rep) +45 SP/AP runes, or the Hailol End rune.

    Trinket: If you are Revered with the Ridgerunner Mercenaries (Karthan Ridge faction), then you can save 10k favor by buying the Ridgerunner's <Foo> Orb/Bauble from the store or the Ridgerunner Mercenaries Quartermaster. If not, then buy the Conquest Master's <Foo> from the Rift store for favor (change the level range to 50-60).
    Pro Tip: Do not buy Last Survivor, Eye of the Tiger, King of Iron Fist, or Challenge of Rivals; they are a waste of 35k favor.
    Neither have a prestige rank requirement, and both of them upgrade into a Freelancer's <Foo> Orb/Bauble via a Freelancer's Conquest Cell, and you can choose whether you want a damage or healing proc on the upgrade. Runes: Only the Empyreal Alliance sells Trinket runes; they give your main stat and endurance. Enjoy some PvE grinding to get the rep for them.

    Helm: Nothing special here. Runes: Wisdom or Strength, or Wis/Str plus Crit chance.
    Cape: Does not count towards the set bonus, so prioritize lower. Runes: Mercenary's <Foo> Stitching, +16 End / +24 Veng, bought for favor from the Store or Ridgerunner's Quartermaster.
    Shoulders: Nothing special here. Runes: Intelligence or Dexterity, or Int/Dex plus Crit chance
    Chest: Endurance runes are available here, if you want them. Runes: End, Int, or Dex; or Int/Dex plus Spell/Attack Power.
    Gloves: Runes: Endurance; or Conquest runes found for favor from Nalan or Relos or inside CQ: +13 main stat and +14 Vengeance.
    Belt: Runes: Necropolis Caretakers runes (PvE rep) for plat: +35 main stat, +19 End; or Conquest runes found from Nalan or Relos or inside CQ for favor: +12 main stat and +15 Vengeance.
    Legs: Runes: Wis, Str, or Wis/Str plus SP/AP.
    Feet: Mercenary's <Foo> Soles (Ridgerunner's Quartermaster, favor): +31 End and +13 Veng; or End; or End + SP/AP; or Crit Power.

    Two-hand weapon: Runes: AP/SP
    One-hand weapon: Runes: AP/SP, or End
    Wand/Ranged: Runes: AP/SP

    Neck: Only the Eternal City Survivors (PvE) provide neck runes. This rep is easy if you just quest in City Core and Eastern Holdings. Runes: +Main stat and +End (Store or Survivor's Quartermaster, plat).
    Rings: <Set>'s <Foo> <Bar>, from the Store or PvP quartermasters. In general, you want the SP/AP rings and not the Spell/Phys Crit rings. Runes: Brass Knuckles, +20 Veng, from the store or CQ QM, for favor and CQ marks. (The Achyati sell +Main stat +End runes, but this requires rep and doesn't give as much SP/AP).

    Synergy Crystal: Not PvP specific and can't be runed, but you want a crystal for (almost) every spec you play, and you want to always have 4 pieces so the bonuses are activated. Costs Infinity Stones and can get expensive.

    Planar Focus: Fill all slots with lessers essences. The PvE best in slot greaters may be worth it, however. Runes: +50 element resists available from the Lycini (PvE rep), or +20 from the planar vendors in the planar vendor room in Meridian and Sanctum (also PvE rep, but easily naturally acquired).
    Pro Tip: Acquiring Freelancer essences should be your last priority. They're expensive. Don't bother with Mercenary essences as they are below the bolstered level and are not required for upgrades. It's only really worth it if you do open-world PvP.
    Gaining Currency

    Patron/potions recommended.
    • 4 PvP-in-PvE dailies at the door of the TB PvP room. Depending on your server, it may take days or weeks to complete the "kill 25 opposing faction players" one, though. These give a small amount of Conquest marks too.
    • PvP weekly Guns for Hire, from the same NPC: Win a few matches in a few maps (they rotate). Gives <Set> Marks.
    • Conquest daily: Capture 12 extractors.
    • CQ weeklies: Win a match; get 2000 kills. Gives <Set> Marks and CQ marks.
    • Warfront daily bonuses (1 per day, max 7 saved up). Gives <Set> Marks.
    • And of course, just playing warfronts and conquest, though you'll "only" get favor and prestige (and CQ marks in CQ).

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    maybe something on consumables?
    Rank 8

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    addition #1:

    Before Level Cap

    Don't spend any favor on below-cap gear. You're bolstered automatically.
    Pro Tip: If you PvP enough (for example, leveling via PvP), you will gain enough favor to buy most if not all of the base-level set before hitting level cap (and you should, because you will hit the favor cap if you don't). You will also gain enough prestige to hit rank 50 (60?), which is the max you can get to before level cap.
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    Personally, id say for completely fresh players, always start with boots, gloves, chest and 1 choice for armor, and a main hand(choose the dual wield combo, not 2h, gives the option of dual endurance runes and you can get the first upgraded peice sooner)

    Lets you access insoles, powerstones, and a set bonus asap. also lets you grab ~140 endurance extra in cheap endurance runes(since low rank players tend to die too quick to actually contribute to their team)

    Get glass cannon runes later.

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    Why you even bother to talk about valor when everyone has the same amount of pvp reduction even if you have 100 or 5000 valor... Or am I missing something?

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    Not everyone has the valor from the seal.

    Maybe you're looking at the tooltip and seeing the 55% Healing Reduction .. the tooltip is bugged. It used to also show player damage reduction, which did change with different Valor values.
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    Quote Originally Posted by forbiddenlake View Post
    Not everyone has the valor from the seal.

    Maybe you're looking at the tooltip and seeing the 55% Healing Reduction .. the tooltip is bugged. It used to also show player damage reduction, which did change with different Valor values.
    Bugged tool tips are the reason why this game lost a ton of interest with the meta/raiding crowd because you can't datamine unreliable info.

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