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Thread: Yet another mark dump idea for Freelancer

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    Default Yet another mark dump idea for Freelancer

    For all players Prestige level 75+, offer a quest that requires a token to complete, the token would cost 100 Freelancer marks and be available for purchase on the PvP vendors. Once a player completes the quest, they would be eligible to choose Myrmidon marks as a reward for all quests that reward PvP marks after that point. The idea is to give new players that are charging hard in PvP a way to earn Myrmidon marks for their extra effort.
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    I like it. If someone want's to develop a hemorrhoid grinding through the PR and also keep their gear matching their progress, some alternatives would be nice. The gear in PvP isn't meant to gate the content so much as give a person incentive to level the playing field.

    Not having any method to expedite the process is pretty crappy. Putting the weapons 10 PR levels about the armor is also something I find absurd - if it's all the same tier of gear, it should *all* unlock when you reach that plateau.
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