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Thread: Stop Talking Red v Blue

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    Default Stop Talking Red v Blue

    TLDR: Explanation of complaints on matchmaking. Please keep working on it, please keep helping the devs work on it, and thanks to them for the progress so far (forward and backward- we can tell changes are being made, and changes are good when the system is not).

    Long version - A large majority of you folks saying red v. blue (or NO red v. blue) are really saying "I lose a majority of the WFs I queue in solo." Blame it on lack of healers (incoming LOL blue geared inquis RAAAGE - I have it too), failure to balance class/soul/gear/specs, but that's the complaint. The few of you who have loyalties to Guards or Defs are excluded from this thread- go RP somewhere else, and honestly this may not be your game. The fact is most of the complaints are really "it should be closer to 50/50 if I solo queue."

    Red v Blue is the reality. Mercs happen because whatever (broken) matchmaking system puts you on that side because it calculates that it's necessary to do so to net "even" teams, seemingly at least sometimes due to premade v. pug (e.g. we group queue, scrubs needed to fill in the other team). The matchmaking system is broken, and focus on that complaint, or the loyalty aspect will get lost in the real issue here.

    If you solo queue, you lose 60-70% of the time (totally experience based, more calculations and data collection from pvp math nerds welcome). Honestly, that isn't bad - a certain percentage are premades (not as high as most think, hang around for a few months and get to know the players in premades), and a certain percentage are better organized, better geared, more experienced, or better composed teams. The last of which (composition), Trion can fix. You will always have complaints, but a better written matchmaking system will net fewer of them.

    Warriors can't heal (yet). They can DPS or tank. Rogues and mages can support heal, but it's a rare occasion they can main heal well. Most of the time it's passive or AOE by necessity. Clerics can heal the best, but don't always do so. Some switch when needed and change the tide of the WF, some don't. Every warlord or higher healer I have seen is at least willing, so hats off to clerics.

    So how do we fix it? If you know how to code matchmaking based on previous roles utilized in WFs, or something that takes into account switching souls before the first release in WFs, send a well written letter/application to Trion. If you know of a logical way to fix it (other than LOL get friends and group queue), post or otherwise communicate.

    I have nothing, just wanted to better communicate the complaint. #flameon #playnotpost


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    You can make a sticky in all caps that says "READ THIS FIRST" and people will still make threads asking questions about info in the "read this first" thread on top.

    However, it does cut down on volume.
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    I have the attention span of a squirrel and you just typed a paragraphs

    Not reading sorry
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    This has been happening for ages in other games not just Rift and no reading needed.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Rgizil View Post
    can i mount you?

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    a heartfelt post that no one will read

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