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Thread: What are the best calling and soul choices for someone who is too lazy to switch

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    Default What are the best calling and soul choices for someone who is too lazy to switch

    I am old and lazy and really dont have any desire to learn a bunch of different combinations of souls to use situationally. I like bursty single target DPS with utility and some survivability (over say pure DPS that needs support to truly dominate). I don't care what my Warfront stats look like, the only thing I pay even a little bit of attention to are KBs. I try to be useful to a team, but will put my own enjoyment first. I have zero expectations of help and support from anyone else going in, although I am happy to cooperate with people who arent an entire bag of ****s or crybaby raging their way through the WFs.

    I want to pick one spec and stick with it and learn to be really good with it, and that's about the extent of my skill and dedication. It doesn't have to be an easy spec. I tend to manage about 12-15 buttons ok, but I rely more on being cagey and observant than managing abilities. So it doesn't need to be a one button macro kind of class.

    I have one of each calling in the 40-50 range and need to commit to gearing one up for level 60 PvP pretty soon. I don't have the time or patience to do more than one so I want to invest my play wisely.

    What I am playing now and my thoughts:

    Cleric: Druid-Inq-Pur - I find this to be good at both killing and surviving but it lacks much in the way of utility. I tended to stick mostly with Trickster's Bolt to fire Bolt of Depravity and Nysr's to finish people off, spamming the small heal from Purifier on my self for a little survivability (which worked better pre 50 before bolstering ruined the ability to trigger Greater Essence heals with the various healing abilities).

    Warrior: Pali-Paragon-Tempest - This spec had the best burst ability of the three. I had a hard time choosing Palidin over the great utility of Warlord pulls, but I found that the Paladin heal and Jolt and greater essences made me extremely tough to kill while the Flurry/Lightning Torrent combo was a great finisher. This one honestly was the derpiest spec and the easiest to be really effective with.

    Mage: Pyro-Chloro-Dom - Cinderburst is obviously just ridiculous and Bloom provides needed OhSh!t healing. Dom has good utility and probably the best mobile spam DPS with Neural Prod, which to me is a key to every spec (standing still = death). This is also pretty good for utility and survivability with Pyro, which seems like maybe the best overall soul I have played.

    Rogue: Bard-MM-Tact - I probably like the playstyle of this one the most, but it is probably also the least effective in terms of me getting a lot of kills. What I really like about Bard is its synergy with MM and the fact that Cadenza doesn't have any facing requirement after it starts. So I can jump cast, turn and kite while keeping up constant damage. I can switch to Cadence as needed for healing and I get good utility from Tact with the Healing Core and Necrotic Turret (which I really wish worked as well on higher level stealthers as it did on lower level ones). But I find myself often unable to finish people off when Virutoso is on cooldown as it just isn't super bursty.

    So you can see my basic playstle is to stay mobile at all times and use that to disrupt and disconnect, play LOS games and just generally outlast people. I understand that outlasting as a strategy gets less effective as you get higher level and burst gets to be a bigger deal. But I like that kind of spec that gives up some burst or DPS for a bit more survivability. I generally don't die more than a couple of times in a WF while still being engaged and dealing damage the whole time and finishing high in KBs. I can kill most players solo with any of those specs if I kite them away from their healer, although really good players are going to beat me. I am fine with that. I am not an elite player, just a good one who's been PvPing since forever and is now an old guy with limited time and capacity for this stuff.

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    It all changes at 60.

    Hybrid builds are primarily a thing of the past (effective ones) save for a few. That being said you'd probably want to just run:

    61 inq 11 cabalist
    (15 meter port that works like a break free on a low cd), 4 justicar (more tankish). If you like ranged mixed with dots and survivability.

    Sin/RS if you like stealth and ganking people

    NB is pretty bursty with stealth and has a great 1v1 or run heal called twighlight transcendece. Melee and 20 meter range soul

    61 Warlord and x (x being whatever you like). Is pretty good, but if you want another break free utility you have to go into tempest for it higher then 0 points.

    61 pyro is pretty darn good really with its snares, port, stuns and reset for x2.

    Any soul can be very potent, just depends whose wielding it.
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