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Thread: Warfront Tips from a Casual Pugger

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    Default Warfront Tips from a Casual Pugger

    Hello everyone,

    Periodically some of the more helpful players will post guides / strategies / tips for improving

    warfront gameplay. Haven't seen one in a while, so here's an attempt to highlight some of the

    more winning tactics being used in your average PUG WF.

    Warriors with 40K+ HP are Priority Targets

    Make sure you focus them first and don't even look at the other enemy players until said

    warrior is dead

    Attack an enemy zerg / control point in waves of 1-2 players with ideally 35m between

    you and the next friendly group

    This terrifies the enemy and they will often retreat in the face of certain annihilation

    Try to keep as far as possible from friendly healers

    They are often targeted by the enemy so keep safe from splash damage / being tab targeted


    Healers should always try to aggro the enemy team

    The best thing you can do as a healer is keep the enemy occupied while your team wins the

    game. As such, try to go directly at the enemy team and pull them away from your own.

    Always attack an enemy zerg outside your spawn

    This is the perfect time to launch an assault and tip the balance of the game. Spawn points

    usually have more than 1 exit so be sure to take the one closest to the enemy position while

    maintaining a superior tactical formation (groups of 1-2; see above)


    For Defiants, Translation Scope is your priority. For Guardians, focus on Statue of Thontic. DO

    NOT, under any circumstances allow the enemy team to capture this node. If the worst

    happens and they actually do, every player on your team needs to zerg it (in groups of 1-2;

    see above).

    These strategies, if implemented correctly should take your PUG WF experience to the next

    level. If anyone has additional tips / tricks they've found helpful, please post them.

    Thanks for reading!
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    I've been using these rules for ages. My ELO rating must be in the stratosphere.
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    ROFL on this thread.
    Quote Originally Posted by Muspel View Post
    I believe Assassin DoTs are uncleansable.

    It's still a terrible PvP spec compared to Marksman, though.

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    Excellent thread. Can we get a sticky?

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    Inb4 someone corrects the OP or agrees with one of his sarcastic points
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    Tips on Movement.

    - If you are ever in danger and someone targets you, make sure you back peddle your cute little butt out of there asap. Especially if you are a rogue, the second you are targeted run back to the spawn point in order to mitigate damage.

    - No jumping as this is a game breaking exploit. You will be reported asap.

    - Don't worry about moving too much unless you are targeted. It is much better to stand still and facetank five other people then try to get away.

    - Don't ever strafe, that is for noobs.
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    - Make sure to keep at least 36m between you and your healer, if the healer gets too close make sure that you LOS them.

    - You have to spam your CC abilities over and over as it is the only surefire way to make sure they work. Whether your CC abilities work on someone is totally random and you have to increase your chances.

    - If any of your equipment is green make sure that it is unequipped when you enter a warfront.

    - Always, always target the healer marked number 1, regardless of where they are standing, what spec they are, what buffs they have active and which defiler link has been placed on them. This healer must be pursued at all costs with fanatical conviction and you must express this over and over in warfront chat.

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    Wahhh someone this morning told me backpeddling gives 200% plus resist!!

    This pro tips!!
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    Now this is an OP who knows how to go deep.
    New round up of some high rank matches
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