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Thread: If you are gonna half the conquest, why not half the wait time too?

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    Default If you are gonna half the conquest, why not half the wait time too?

    Why is the wait time between conquests is still and hour if the conquest last half as long now? Make it 30min or less. Halving the kills in conquest makes farming for the 2000kills weekly so much longer, especially since they left the wait timer the same.

    I propose that the wait timer be halved to balance things out.

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    I use time in between CQs to do my PvP dailies and run warfronts.

    It's fine how it is.
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    CQ is already an unenjoyable grind-fest.

    Extend the wait time.
    Increase the number of kills required before timer.
    Decrease the amount of prestige/favor/exp from kills to be half of that recieved in WFs.
    Increase the number of extractors.
    Increase the number of bosses.
    Delete conquest.

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    Being as I don't get to run many CQ's, due to time restraints, I view the "weekly" as a "monthly",and don't let it bother me so much. I wish I could get more marks, but it ain't happening for me

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