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Thread: Why is CQ more fun and competitive than its ever been?

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    Default Why is CQ more fun and competitive than its ever been?

    I keep joining CQ to find I am on a team of random players, people debate waypoints in /1, they run in odd groups and do all the things premades don't. They get wiped and then reclaim extractors close to spawn and then rally to go wipe the other factions, and they do wipe about as much as they get wiped. All three factions seem to be competitive now and are able to fight as equals.

    So, what gives? Why are random PUGs able rout both factions (I don't think I am randomly getting stuck with premades either because the premade seargents aren't constantly saying things in /1 like "shut the **** up and listen to insertcommandernamehere" or "shut the **** up and do exactly what commandergoldbrick says...").

    It looks to me like the changes to the kill counter have made the win far more obtainable to PUG raids and taken the emphasis off of requiring a premade. The shorter games mean random groups can involve more good but casual players, possibly meaning more PvE folks.

    Fair assessment or am I just randomly getting on the premade teams and your all in vent while us random solo queues are just geared better now and complimenting the premade by being a split force to cap more stuff than a single zerg can?
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    I know I only stay in it if at all because I know it will be over quickly.

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    more people are involved because skilled PVE players are having CQ forced on them by the hp requirements of tier 2 fights

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    1) Cluster merge brought a ton of people into CQ and it has made zerg sizes roughly equal even when a premade is stacking.

    2) In a situation where it is premade vs. premade vs. pugs, some premade leaders will try to position their zerg so that when they are fighting another premade, the pugs will come up behind that premade so it is sandwiched and then wiped out.

    3) Less kills and more players make matches during prime time very rapid.

    As for requiring a premade...it's still going to be more difficult to finish your kill weekly as a pug than in a premade. Also, CQ is poorly designed, and I can't imagine how boring it would be to pug all 2000 kills. It's a lot more fun to group up with a bunch of friends.
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    More people are forming groups, also the addition of the groups from the cluster merger helped.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zartosht View Post
    more people are involved because skilled PVE players are having CQ forced on them by the hp requirements of tier 2 fights
    'Skilled' and 'PVE' in the same sentence. I never thought I'd see the day.
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