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Thread: A question aout bolster

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    Default A question aout bolster

    For reference, I'm level 51. I currently have the Virtuous chest, feet, main hand, and neck.

    I've been looking at bolster when I join a warfront. The question I have is: What is the deciding factor on how much to bolster and what to bolster? I ask this because if you mouse over the bolster buff it lists the gear pieces that are effected. Sometimes my Virtuous pieces are affected and sometimes they are not.

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    If you have something in that slot and it is not PvP gear (no valor = not pvp gear even if you bought it from a PvP vendor) then it is bolstered to the merc gear.

    Below that everyone is bolstered to the same level. Apparently some SL essences can break this in the 10-19 bracket.

    You must have something in every slot for it to be bolstered, this includes the 6 slot sigil. You need something in every slot.

    The slots that aren't bolstered at 60 are:
    1. The runes on your gear if you're wearing at least mercenary gear.
    2. The set bonuses of your gear if you are wearing a synergy crystal.
    3. The synergy crystal itself.
    4. Trinkets.
    5. Seals.
    6. Greater Essences do not work at all except some ones from level 50 (Hailstone Tideshard works last time I checked)
    7. Planar Attunement
    8. Consumables on PvP gear such as Whetstones.

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