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Thread: Useful PvP specs for low geared players (level 60)

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    Default Useful PvP specs for low geared players (level 60)

    Hi folks, long time player here, returning for a final blast while I wait on another game. Looking for builds that can actually make a reasonable difference in WFs/CQ while in fairly poor merc gear. I know I wont be able to melt faces at this stage, I'm just trying not to be a liability.

    Mage by trade but feel free to chip in with other classes specs in case that's of any use to others in the same boat.
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    Do stuff that doesn't scale with (spell)power, like dispel, cc, purge buffs, buff your group. That's what i do in every mmo and is the most logical thing to do. plus it makes you pay attention to buffs/debuffs and actually realize what's going on around you. though that's probably no news for you as a returning player

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    If you want to do more support Dom or Chlorinator are good choices, but really you should play what ever souls you enjoy playing. Not everyone is in warlord gear and you are in ranked warfronts, so you will be on an even playing field.
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    Dominator is great for undergeared players.

    Here's a guide that focuses on control: LINK.

    Though really your gear isn't even bad enough to warrant using specific specs in order to work around it.

    Another spec you might try is something like this: 51arch/19dom/6pyro

    Essentially you get the best CC parts of Dom, the best buffs from Archon, the best Auras from Archon, the spammable aoe cleanse/purge and all of that lasting less than your gcd, plus a bit of burning fury which can make your Archon buff spells extremely dangerous.

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