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Thread: Suggestions for PvP Leveling (50-60)?

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    Default Suggestions for PvP Leveling (50-60)?

    Hi all,

    I would love to level from 50-60 through PvP Warfronts. I find PvE leveling in Storm Legion is a grind.

    I'd love help with two things:
    1) if I plan to raid later, is there important faction rep I should work on as I approach 60?
    2) Should I wait to spend my favor at 60? I'm level 48 now.

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    Buy mercenary gear with your favor that you acquire so you can wear it at 60. As far as rep goes I would recommend the ridgerunner rep from the Karthan ridge warfront. The ridgerunner quartermaster has a nice trinket for revered notoriety.

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    You could have been my twin brother.

    I dont like the quests in Rift either, and i only did warfronts from 50-60. I love PVP so that part never felt like a grind to me.

    As mentioned above, just buy the mercenary set with your favor. You wont get the next set when you hit 60 anyway (unless you want to use real life money), cause you need tokens and prestige level 60.

    So go ahead and use your favor.

    If you plan to raid later, you need different armor. Do a bunch of dungeon runs, outdoor world bosses etc. Dont worry about faction as of now.
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