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Thread: PvP Gear?

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    Default PvP Gear?

    I'm starting to play Rift again as I couldn't stand the changes to GW2 and WoW has so much RNG in it's pve that it made me sick to even think of playing it. (I like to get something for my time spent in a game) Now I'm playing Rift and so far seem to enjoy the PvP aspect in it.

    The question though is this, do you have to PvE when you get to 60 and deal with RNG and Maybe get gear to be competitive or is it based on the pvp point system where if you pvp enough you can get enough to buy your gear so you don't have to worry about the RNG system? Well just getting into the 20's bracket so I would like to know before I invest any more time into the game if it's all RNG at the end.

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    Favor and PvP earned Marks will cover all of your armor slots, mostly.

    CQ marks and favor will cover essences, seal and trinket. The rest is left to what I mentioned above, favor and PvP marks. The only exception here is that you need Infinity Stones to get the essences. Which are most efficiently done in the open world, despite CQ handing them out itself. It doesn't hand out enough if progression is your MO.

    Runes are mostly crafted, although some of the best ones require rep from camps in the open world that offer dailies, questlines etc.

    The crystal to get the set bonus is obtained with just Infinity Stones. No favor required.


    PvP marks are from dailies and weekly quests. You can gain more as you rank higher, but other than that, they are handed out in a systematic way. You are gated to whatever your rank allows as far as accumulating. It isn't too slow tbh. Once you are rank 50, you can start getting 1 freelancer mark, but that is just a bone thrown, not a huge priority. You can start ranking up once you hit level 50, but only hit *rank* 50. You can progress rank 51 - 80 at level 60.

    The infinity stones will come from dailies, zone events and carnage quests (kill X monster quests).

    Think that covers the gear slots.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Morcelu View Post
    The question though is this, do you have to PvE when you get to 60 and deal with RNG and Maybe get gear to be competitive
    short answer: no

    slightly longer answer: while you do have to do some pve to complete your max level pvp gear, the items you are pveing for are currency that is awarded for completion, not gear that is dropped as loot.

    all pvp gear is purchased with a variety of currency from multiple sources: favor, marks (merc/freelancer/warlord) Conquest marks, and infinity stones.

    at no point do you need to enter instanced pve content, and it can all be done solo.

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    The only pve you have to do for pvp is infinity stones from daily quests. Pve fear does not function via stats in pvp environments.
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