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Thread: Vote for Conquest random join only!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toushirou View Post
    There are 3 ques, people que for the faction they desire until it is full, then the next faction fills up that is available until it is then full. From what I can tell, you can have an entire raid in a faction before it fills, then the next faction must have a full raid before you can que again in that same faction. If there were only a difference of 10 between factions, that doesn't explain why you have 2 full raids going after 1. There is not a full raid that is afk from the start. Again, if the numbers were balanced, people wouldn't be nearly as frustrated as they are. For the last few hours, Oath has been immediately filling up and have had 2 full raids of people zerging the other factions. The que fills immediately, there is literally a second between ques. The other factions are always open. How is that fair and balanced?
    I guess it depends on where it decides to count. Once a queue pops or when they are in the actual zone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exxyy View Post
    36 people for Random CQ only


    18 people to keep as it is, Allowing 20 man premade

    So in %,

    On a 10 page long thread, this might not be that much data

    But it can still give a general idea

    66% in Favor Of Random CQ ( Which as one of the last poster said, It will give motivation to all factions, As if they know they are on a weaker faction, they would'nt leave instantly, Cause it would be impossible to have a VERY lopsided faction )


    33% to keep CQ as it is

    Its kinda talking,

    Can trion tries to implement one week, of CQ random only, And then the populace will give feedback?

    <3, Exxy
    This post is not about banning the premades from CQ itīs about ONLY random Join button only nothing else! I really still want to be able to join as premade, beacause thats the only thing that we have as organized pvp now days.
    The idea of the random join button only is for the players when there is no premade, then no one knows what faction will win due the split for the solo queuers.
    And with random join button only will as well solve the problem of 2 premades join the same faction.

    I hope you understand the meaning of thread and don't assume anything else!

    Best Regards!

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    The best solution would be to remove the possibility to Q with 20

    And limit it to a group, Like warfronts

    You could still Q with 4 friends ^^

    Also, The player side problem is that RoD promotes no competition, As the "Only-Premade-Lately"

    As ABL did in the past to encourage a second premade for competition,

    RoD is doing the exact opposite, making sure they keep lopsided games in their favor

    Even resortin to cheap and unfair tactics

    As I'm emerging as a good Leader, Everytime they see me in CQ, they resort to cheap , and unfair stuff, to make sure I dont win,

    Keep in mind, I lead pugs, They lead premade, and they are still scared about me , which is laughable

    Last night, The timer started, RoD was on Oath, and i was leading NF,
    Dom Reached 72% and ROD premade was'nt still even hitting DOM extractiors,

    They only wanted to make sure that my side dont win, I think Dom won with 55% or something like that

    You got the problem right there, The "Premade" with actual power dont play a "FAIR" game

    Thats why you need to remove the right to Q with 20

    They have too much power when they Q with 20

    Its also funny, That i have the same power, By leading "PUGS", when they do with an "Almost-Full-P80" player premade

    If RoD Would play fairplay, I would have no problems with Premade, As ABL used to do, But RoD is obstinate, on only playing for THEIR fun, and not the fun of all other CQ players, AKA they are selfish

    Their reputation is getting more known every day
    And thats why you get more people voting against premade on here

    <3, Exxy

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    I see exxy has on his tin foil hat today... and how can people be scared of him if they all have him on ignore? I didn't even know he still played because guess what? No one mentions him (cause no one cares)

    Most of what exxy just vomited is nonsense anyway. I don't see many multi-queued raids much, mosty 20 man. The other day they hosted a RoD Vs RoD so they will split their raids into other factions to duke it out with one another. They queue for fun. They don't even win all the time. They have different leaders with different strategies/styles so it's not the same thing with RoD every match.

    Also their raid composition isn't a secret. Anyone can go toe to toe with RoD if they balance their raids. When RoD pulls players from channel, they're not gear/rank checked at all - they just need to be willing to play a certain role.

    So stop with the misinformation.

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