Since a lot of responses to recent tournament has surfaced up ideas of old and new. I would like to talk about one idea (and sorry if already mentioned in previous/past posts) An area in the world Arena style that automatically marks your team pvp. (Like a Gladiator's Colosseum) or in World of Warcraft reference Guraboshi Arena in Stranglethorn Vale.

This idea would give a place in open world for pve and pvpers alike to group with their fellow comrades guardian/defiant alike and go against others. Your only allies when you step into the arena is the ones you are grouped with. Therefore it would open up 2v2s, 3v3s, 5v5s, and more especially with Nuku, myself, and others in coordinating tournaments for relative pvp formatting and experiences. You can even take out xp/favor/prestiage gains from these arenas to negate exploits.

Like I stated before I'm sure this has been probably brought up before, but if you all (Trion) don't have an idea of when a pvp overlook is going to happen I feel this would be one of the quicker, easier fixes (implication) that you all could do that would give a true place for PvPers coordinated and even uncoordinated to meet up regardless of shards and duke it out.

Thank you for listening take care & Please posts ideas of interests