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Thread: The final match from the 4-27 5 vs. 5, The Video!

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    Default The final match from the 4-27 5 vs. 5, The Video!

    It was a spectacular fight that took place in the we hours of the morning. Both teams pulled out all the stops trying to 1 up the other and was a nail bitter to the very end. Congrats to the winner and thank you to everyone that participated and made all this happen. With out further ado I present to you the final match. http://www.twitch.tv/abealri/c/2216164
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    Nice battle! You guys did a great job on the commentary..and I was so happy to hear Baer commenting as well!

    How is the prize money going to be split up?
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    Default ...

    been awfully quiet on the forums about that... hmm.

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