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Thread: How to lead a Conquest premade

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    Default How to lead a Conquest premade

    Hi all

    To Encourage more and more players to lead CQ premades i did this guide.
    I hope it helps
    There are few key points that is needed to fallow to be able to succeed.

    The right setup

    To insure win/kill ratio you will need right setup, you need 7 HEALERS 12 DPS 1 TANK.
    For the HEALERS you need at least 3 CLERICS with 1 WARDEN 1 SENTINEL 1 PURIFIER, and you need 3 MAGES CHLOROMANCERS and the last class is ROGUE TAC/BARD or BARD healer.

    For the tank i recommend WARRIOR VOID KNIGHT or WARLORD.

    For the DPS you will need 5 ROUGES TAC DPS i recommend 36RS /40 TAC.
    You will need 3 WARRIORS 1 TEMPEST and 2 RIFT BLADE.
    For the Last 4 spots DPS spots i recommend 4 MAGE or 3 MAGE + 1 CLERIC.
    If you go for the 4 MAGE setup then you will need 1 ARCHON 2 DOMINATORS 1 PYROMANCER.
    If you go for the 3 MAGES + 1 CLERIC setup you have 1 ARCHON 1 DOMINATOR 1 PYROMANCER and the CLERIC should go for CABALIST.

    When you are inside CQ sort the groups like this:
    Have 2 healers in each group and 3 dps 1 group will be with one healer so i suggest a sentinal healer in that group.
    You sort it like this because when you divide the groups to do different objectives inside CQ so you insure that they have healers/dps to be able to defend them self against smaller groups of enemy.
    10 which is half your premade if the players are skilled/gear they can hold off 20-30 enemy players with no problem thats why u need to make the right group sorting.

    How to lead

    One thing that is the most important when you lead NEVER lose your cool! If you do that you lose the trust of your team and then the team will disband due the lack of faith in your leadership.

    If you lead first time i recommend to start invites 50 min before CQ starts so you will have time to invite make right build and explain your rules to the premade. Then when you get used to it you can decrease it to 30 min before CQ.

    Communication is VERY important when you lead, you need to make your self heard and have every one hear your commands that you give and be specific to the orders you give. DONīT second Guess your tactic because that will break the morale and confuse the team.
    Before the CQ starts be sure to tell every one about the rules you have in the premade and that you DO NOT tolerate failure after failure, give every one 3 time chance after that talk to him if he continues to fail just kick him from the raid and try to replace him.

    Be a strong determent leader and if you choice to do an action do it DONīT second guess your action because it will make you weak and you lose the respect of the crowd.

    DON`T be an idiot and over use your position because your are the leader, be gentle and the same time be determined.

    Use the map A LOT really you need to know what its going on the CQ, blind leader can only lead horde of headless chickens so really be aware of your surroundings.

    Try always to give orders for the next objective/action before your current objective is complete, it gives you more faith from your team mates and they feel that you know what you are doing.

    Be creative, use your surroundings for your advantage, like aka ninja tactics flank tactics and etc.
    This stuff tend to bring forth laughs and joy in your team and its good for morale.

    When you join the CQ you need to tell the whole faction that you have a premade and you are a part of ZAT team. Tell them that you are taking over the lead and if they want to win/get kills they need to fallow you.
    Itīs VERY important that you get the whole faction work with you, you need to win there respect and there trust to do so you need to show that you are a worthy leader to fallow and that is shown from your action/tactics that you use in CQ.

    NEVER insult other players or use CAPS lock ONLY when you lead, use caps lock when you are giving order for a specific extractor for example "DF" "SA" "EYE" etc.

    Listen to your team mates suggestions because you are NOT always right, you need there help and ideas to insure 100% effective tactics.

    How to win CQ and farm kill

    NERVER get above 50% cap or let any other faction to go above 50% cap if you are going for kills.

    Balance between kills and cap to insure your kill/farm ratio to the maximum.

    When you are getting hit from 2 factions same time divide your team in 2 groups and start capping extractors that are FAR way from any danger from enemy zergs.
    For example: Group 1 and 2 move to GO and group 3 and 4 to BW.
    When they are done with capping send 2 groups to the next extractor for example: group 1 upgrade GO group 2 move to HC group 3 Upgrade BW and group 4 move to HC.

    Donīt use same group always to upgrade extractors because they become fed up with same thing over and over and they will run out of planar charges. Try to use all groups to upgrade to insure 100% player satisfaction.

    NEVER split your raid in half when there is enemy faction zerg near by because sooner or later you will engage them and that will wipe your premade.

    NEVER engage fight with enemy if they are more then 40 players and you are only alone with the premade because you will wipe your team.
    Always get the support of the none premades before engaging a big fight, you need the man power.

    ALWAYS regroup before any fight and tell the none premades to do so as well so they donīt go ahead of u and killed one by one.

    All your actions you do inside CQ will effect your game play, so think few steps ahead before you do anything.
    If you wipe an enemy players at some extractor they will change there direction to different extractor so you need to predict your action so it makes it easier for you to think few steps ahead.

    Try to force 2 faction to fight each other, that you do by wipe them, over and over to force them to move to enemy extractors, after that you move the 3rd faction and wipe them over and over to force them to go protect there own extractors so it give you the freedom to cap some extractors.

    When you are pushing for the win do it by splitting your raid in 2 and the none premades as one big zerg so there will be 3 extractors being caped same time. So have a good view where to cap to insure 100% win.

    This is just few ideas and tactics how i do it in CQ.
    I will add more tactics and thoughts if it will come on my mind.
    If you have any ideas how to improve my way of leading please do so.

    Best Regards!
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    When i run groups for CQ, I normally try to run this setup.

    Three tanks, all three with preference to rapid-pulling w/ warrior.

    Six to Seven healers. Depends on time of day.
    • One Defiler.
      Links on tanks and other healers or people prone to taking lots of damage. H.R. = OP with synergy crystal.
    • Two chloro.
      Normally both as AOE healing is fine. Other times, one is synthing the tanks. Wild Growth is always nice as well.
    • Three wardens.
      Cleanse over time = awesome.

    A few tact/bard players (apparently t a r d is a bad word now) on the rogue side is always nice. A lot of DPS of anything that can DPS.

    Running two high point doms that can lay on the MB/TI/Crowd Control spam is great as well. Allows for your faction to overwhelm the enemies healers with DOTS! Lot's of dots. Beautiful dots that go cha-ching cha-ching watching their mana and energy go poof!

    When I go the route of 'CQ Carnage', aka kill farming - The entire raid makeup completely changes. All ST DPS goes down the drain and it becomes massive AOE damage. Four tanks, sevens healers (nearly the same as the list above), AOE AOE AOE. There's still SOME ST dps in the raid group, but it's minimized to probably 2 of the 20 players in the group. Extractors are an afterthought when it comes to such a subject. Normally keeping at 33 to 44 % control of the map is the ideal mindset.
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    Bumping this because i see alot of CQ QQ threads.
    Read it all, and grow some balls and make a premade so you can get your weekly wins/kills done.

    Good luck.
    Best regards

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    Ahov is banned from the forums but he said on the crossraids channel that he wanted everyone to know that this is a SUPERB guide and this is exactly how he runs his cq premades, too! He specifically mentioned that 7 healers is a great idea for killing opposing groups.

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    Quote Originally Posted by m1nus View Post
    Ahov is banned from the forums but he said on the crossraids channel that he wanted everyone to know that this is a SUPERB guide and this is exactly how he runs his cq premades, too! He specifically mentioned that 7 healers is a great idea for killing opposing groups.
    Thank him from me and lets hope it give players more encouragement to lead premades in EU/NA servers.
    At the moment there is only one premade running on EU servers and its becoming very boring and dull for us who do the premade. No Challenge what so ever on farm feast.
    I made this so i can share with my fellow players how easy it is to lead a premade.
    I wont give up until we have few premades in EU servers.
    Crossing my fingers!

    Best regards!

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