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Thread: (Video) Demonmind 61 Pyro 2.2 Hotfix #10

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    Default (Video) Demonmind 61 Pyro 2.2 Hotfix #10

    Decided to give 61 pyro a try. Jumping like a monkey style.


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    Pretty easy rotation now. Flame bolt + prime + extinguish to start, fusi (then fulm if you've got the charge), heat wave, fusi -> instant fireball x5 -> extinguish -> instant fireball x5 -> fulm.

    Pulling the movement penalty on glyphs was overkill. It's a total run-around spec now. I suppose that's what other dps specs have been playing for months, though.

    Edit: oh, right, the vid. Well edited, well played, GOD AWFUL MUSIC. I mean I tend to tune out lyrics, especially with electronic stuff, but those words were distractingly stupid.
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