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Thread: Looking for a PVP only channel for our side of the community!

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    Default Looking for a PVP only channel for our side of the community!

    soooo like other people have done with the whole create your own channel, I was wondering if the pvp~peoples could give me an idea of what to call the 60 chat channel for all pvpers

    But really I think it would be nice especially to at least try and help somewhat a lot of the more inexperienced pvpers *lol im pretty mediocre but i try dammit* somewhere along the line since some dont know either specs, um some sort of tactics or ff methods **** like that but yeah was hoping if i could get some sort of consensus out of you guys...

    if it went well i wouldnt even mind lvling a few alts just to spread the word of the channel around to try and group up the up and coming pvpers again to guide and help along, hell with proper word it could go a ways to helping setting up stuff later on through the channel or just helping to breed new ones for better pvp in the later 60s brackets.

    and lastly so that we can address the community in game so that

    we can leave genny alone
    get towley to tell us to get wars nurfed
    spaceboots to remind us were mentally snared
    exxy to show us his godmode AOE spec
    valnak to seriously guide the lost souls to the silly builds like leetmentalist
    Misun to remind us we need moar blue bar nerfs especially healz
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    this is dfs's latest guide


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