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Thread: Another Multiboxing Thread

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    Default Another Multiboxing Thread

    If multiboxing is not botting, and all characters are under the player's control at all times, then disabling auto-follow in WFs shouldn't be a big deal.


    That being said, multiboxer died in a WF I was in tonight. Took him FOREVER to regroup afterwards, so until Trion pulls their head out of their nethers on this one, take the advice in the other threads and CC / Pull / Knockback / Destroy.

    Maybe it's not a problem at 60, but it's dang sure a problem at 55-59.

    Trion is generally quite responsive to players, so I don't understand why they're catering to these people. Paying real money so you can play five characters at once in a WF in a predominantly PVE game is sad and a little funny at the same time. I want to feel anger but this is a game and the nerdrage is drowned out by bemused pity.

    RIFT? Really? This is the game you're multiboxing? LoL Ok, then.

    Getting rid of twinks made WFs fun again. Getting rid of autofollow will fix what's left of that problem. Trion, in your heart of hearts, you have to know this is in direct violation of the spirit of the game. And if it doesn't violate rules on botting, it should. One command mirrored to five characters is not direct control. When you can kill the head and watch the snake flail, you can see that for yourself. Man up and eradicate this loophole. You might lose a few multiboxers, but you would vindicate the rest of us who play for fun and because we're loyal to you and your brand.

    In the meantime, to the group dedicated to farming the multiboxers, I salute you.

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    A well thought out complaint about multiboxers instead of the typical QQ?

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    i was listening to a warrior complain about a multiboxer in CQ today.
    they were saying that the multiboxer was always dead before they had a chance to fork/riftspear the boxer.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ocho View Post
    Or to put it more simply, it doesn't matter if you're topping the charts if you're killing the wrong people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baramos View Post
    A well thought out complaint about multiboxers instead of the typical QQ?
    Yeah this is the closest any thread has come to being a reasoned complaint. Mods please lock all the other threads and direct them here.

    But to OP: No. The only thing that needs to be fixed is to disallow premade groups of 5 from getting into PuG warfront queues due to lack of premades. If any premades other than multiboxers cared about pre-60 queues then you would see how this is the real issue.
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