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Thread: Head and leg runes for pvp rogues

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    Default Head and leg runes for pvp rogues

    As the title states Im struggling to find decent runes for these slots.
    95% of the time I play either a 61 bard or 40 tac/36 rs. Pvp gear stacks endurance, so when it comes to runes Im looking for dex and ap. Up to now I've used the pvp runes for feet, cloak rings, and seal. Rep runes for belt and neck. The rest player made prioratising dex and ap.

    Im having a real hard time finding runes for head and legs though. The only ones Ive seen available that are even remotely useful are the + hit and ap ones. They are tho really only any good for pve. Is there anything better out there Ive missed? I avoid phys crit where poss as Its of no use to the builds I play.

    Tks in advance for any constructive feedback!

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    I'm not in game at the moment (lol dayjobs) but I believe there's a head rune from one of the PvP rep vendors in your capital. It's either Port of Scion rep or Library rep. It's not really anything fantastic but there's + veng on it.

    Legs, I just go with the one you get from the shimmersand quartermaster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lifari View Post
    Im having a real hard time finding runes for head and legs though.

    I think this thread is the answer to what you're looking for (detailed explanation in post #12):

    PvP Gear Stat Questions

    The Rogue Helm/Shoulder/Chest/Leg enchants are the shared Runes with Warriors. Shoulders/Chest have +Dex, Helm/Legs have +Str. Rogues and Warriors both use the same Runes. 2 Runes with +Dex, 2 Runes with +Str. Primary-Stat/Off-Stat. That's just how they were implemented.

    Warrior/Rogue Enchants
    Head: +32 Str
    Shoulders: +32 Dex
    Chest: +35 Dex/+15 Attack Power
    Legs: +35 Str/+15 Attack Power

    Cleric/Mage runes do the same thing, only with Int/Wis.
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