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Thread: a cq/warfront question

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    Default a cq/warfront question

    would it be possible for cq/warfronts to get 2 versions ,1 for permades and another for casual players?let the premades fight it out amoung themselves and let us casual players fight each other.i am tired of being farmed by premades

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    Won't stop you from getting rolled. Before premades, Nightfall would simply be stacked so full of players that it would just roll the other 2. Things really are no different now with premades in CQ, but at least more teams win.

    The first premade was conquest militia and they took Dom as their patron team. Soon after they disrupted the balance, everyone started to roll Dom as their primary faction instead of NF. They showed the way, and soon after - ABL was born. The rest is what you have today, which really is no worse than what you had before.

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    I am all in favor of Premades bring in a seperate que than pugs for warfronts.

    but for CQ? nah, its supposed to be "open world pvp" only with 3 sides and regulated population. so its supposed to be like the wild west. where as warfronts should be more like a pickup basketball game.

    here is one thing I noticed.
    I hear lots of people always crying about how sides arent balanced and defiant/order ALWAYS win blah blah. I tell them , like the snob that I am , "its all in your head son, the sides are even"
    now that I am playing a lower ranked toon I am seeing TONS of people that I never ... EVER see on bishopX. Have played around over 50 matches over the past 2 days and as I sit here with bloodshot eyes, I have to tell ya, I run into more premades on my rank 40 mage than I ever do on my 80 cleric. Actually I can count on one hand the number of times I have been against a full "stacked premade" as my high rank, where as just today alone I have seen double digit number of times where I am spawn camped by teams of 4-5 high ranks.

    why is this?
    if a high rank group ques together, make them wait to fight another high rank qued together team and then fill in the rest on both sides with pug........ if they dont want to wait, then they can join CQ or they can separate.
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    Make it a random queue, problem solved.

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