Ever felt like your sorta low on plat and okay at pvp? Or even just need something todo? We as rift pvp'ers have been waiting on trion to put in arena's......yet again trion will not. So I Cjs built a one of a kind arena in my dimension ready for battle! on April 19, { that is this up coming Friday } at 6:30pm shard will be hosting a PvP duel Arena for all kinds of pvp players { new and master's } and don't worry you wont be put with someone 20 prestige higher or lower then you it WILL be put in a even match If you're ready to battle or want some more info please feel free to Pst me at { CJS@SHATTERBONE } and if I don't get back to you soon just Send me IN-GAME mail. { IMPORTANT } if you wish to join this pvp Arena and would like to give it a try send { CJS@SHATTERBONE } IN-GAME mail with the toon's name, shard and your Prestige Rank I will Add all people that wish to join to my guess list and I will click the invite to dimension at 6:30pm sharp so don't be late :P ..... The Arena channel people may join at anytime is { RA@shatterbone } I hope to see people there and I almost forgot to say the winner gets a platinum Prize! See you there