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Thread: PvP Fluff

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    Quote Originally Posted by CericX View Post
    Alright, this has been bugging me for a bit. Seems like the PvP forum is a bit confused.
    How do you judge when someone is doing well in PvP?
    Killing Blows?
    Damage Done?
    Healing Done?
    Anything at all on a scoreboard?

    We've seen people try to legitimize themselves with all of these things, universally the pvp community derides these attempts but never does come to a consensus on what defines a good player.

    I've always thought a good player was someone who focused on the objectives, whether that meant focus fire with the group or fighting on the flag in dex. People seem of different opinions regarding this though. Claiming thats not real peeveepee or that the would "pwn j00" in 1v1. Is it only 5v5 groups that can contain good players simply because they all play with each other? Epeening and backpatting define a good player? Playing with a pocket healer to get big numbers? Insisting on playing without one to show what a real man you are?

    Lets hear some thoughts on this one!

    Another item that has been bugging me for a bit. AOE fluff. On this very forum all forms of aoe healing and aoe damage are regarded as fluff and useless in actual pvp. This confuses me no end! Large quantities of aoe damage require serious work for sentinels and defilers to work through, usually at a severe penalty for GCD's. This reduces the amount of time that can be spent single target healing others, effectively making life easier on the single target dps.
    Going the other way, massive amounts of AOE healing can give a considerable buffer for single target heals to respond to sharp dips in HP. Does it work against targeted focus fire? Not as much, but then I don't see effective hard target switching outside of a premade. Hell, most of the time getting people just to target #1 for more than a second is impossible.

    So... how do these things get considered useless or fluff? 4am ponderings on another sleepless night. Thanks all for any who managed to read through my ramblings!
    An aoe pull and aoe silence cant be measured in numbers,
    So many times me playing cabbie has been the difference maker, because i can pressure pretty hard all those ST healers, also, I make people spread out and back out, so its easier for our team to Pick targets 1 by 1

    Sometimes Cabbie is near useless, compared to my Defiler or Inqi,

    I'd say like Einstein said once, Everything is relative,

    Knowing who to hit, on the opposing team is always a good move, Neutralize their player who brings the most to their team, By playing their counter role, If you have a few Sentinel/Defiler Aoe dps is great
    If you have a lot of raid heals, Then inqi becomes good,

    Learn to use your CC, A Sentinel being silenced for 4 seconds or a defiler silenced for 4 seconds is pretty good

    Learn to know who to kill first, Sometimes, its gonna be much easier to kill their top DPS, their top AOE dps, their top Dom, Their top Cab, So your team can catch a break, and heal up,
    ALso, when you hit their top dps, if you make him run back, he does'nt do that much threat to your team, while he runs back ^^

    Sometimes, its much better to focus their top dpsers, than their top healers, its very situational

    Its all about pressure, If you let their top dpser freely dps your team, good chances your team is gonna die,

    To resume, Everything is relative, and thats the beauty of Rift, Where you can change role in the middle of WFS =) Thats where you can help the most your team ^^

    <3, Exxy
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