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Thread: Fate's grasp achievement

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    Default Fate's grasp achievement

    I'm wondering, has anyone actually managed to get the lock on statue or slope without being a merc? I've done 8 matches so far, and I've never managed to get slope. Oh I've tried, but it never worked out. Is it even possible when everyone just wants to get codex (as they should)?

    Guess I have to find a defiant to queue with me or something?

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    Yeah, I finished all the pvp achievements. You'll notice on losing teams this happens more than not; the team will wander and cap points other than codex, because they're doing that achievement - or have no idea that Codex is where the points are made in the new WF.

    I stopped explaining how to play to people after a game or two. I don't like getting yelled at, and people hearing that the only important thing to know is you have to cap Codex makes them angry.

    As one person said, 'I never have and never will trust a person from Faeblight'. Who knew we were so awful? :c
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    I got it today while being a guardian. I think I had some adventurous friends (was Danne in that group?) running around in that one.

    I work hard at getting codex, now I want to actually lose it to get the cannon achievement.
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