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Thread: Some things that players should know when they enter conquest.

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    Default Some things that players should know when they enter conquest.

    Always check minimap and try to determine the best spots to attack. You should have at least 2 in mind regardless of who is leading.

    Always check you raid and if you lack heals drop out of group formation and wait for other players that are willing to heal. Your raid of pure dps is going to get farmed out and weaken your faction.

    Try to fight at extractors if you can. since some support need to actually target something to heal. The extractor is the easiest to focus for them.

    These few things will help you out in cq a great deal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flashmemory View Post

    Try to fight at extractors if you can. since some support need to actually target something to heal. The extractor is the easiest to focus for them.
    As a mage, this is a HUGE help, and it's something I think few non-mages are aware of. Having a stationary target that doesn't die/run out of range every 3 seconds goes a loooong way toward making those big chloro heals. Most of the time there's a big fight out in the middle of nowhere, I'll try to pick out a target for corrosive spores that doesn't die in 2 seconds, but it's a rough balance between overextending (and likely getting pulled in) and finding those sweet targets. Extractors remove those ugly gaps in heal output.

    Although I still miss my Fury of the Ascended veil healing. ;)

    TLDR version: leave NPC targets for the chloros, kill them reds

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    Conquest for dummies
    - bctrainers edition -
    • Always have greater recon vials.
      These things are a great item to keep up at all times. It allows you to see on the otherside of those walls in CQ! For example, Crown Hill or Hill Crest or even around the CM region.
      It can allow you to see an impending doom of a pancake coming from behind!
    • Don't go shouting orders to people out of the blue.
      Much of the time, the CQ group that you're with is a bunch of random people. There probably already is one person per faction calling the shots, there's no need for more chiefs to the Indians. All that does is create confusion and pissed off players.
    • Call out impending doom zergs.
      If you know the enemy is incoming, stay at the extractor! Not only do you get a favor and prestige bonus defending the extractor, you have lesser of a chance of being blindsided.
    • Healers: Keep AOE cleansing!
      Much of the time, the opposing factions have many players who are playing dominator or cabalist spamming dots and other annoying debuffs to your raid! Keeping these off your raid group as much as possible means less damage to heal through and lesser need to worry that you're going to be mana drained as fast!
    • The Hivemind
      The zerg hivemind is always correct, don't try to fight it.
      Every five to ten seconds, your mega-map will update with enemy player locations. You can see in real time where stone carriers are located at. With that in mind, you can then sometimes judge where the opposing factions zerg is at, or is headed to!
      The mega map also shows extractors (durr!), mousing over pulsating extractors will list how many are there, and which faction is there!
    • There are four teleport scenes. Try to keep control of them.
      Currently, in stillmoor conquest - there are four Extractors with teleport-to support from your base. No, these extractors provide no additional bonus other than teleporting to their position.

      These teleport locations can allow your faction to control a portion of the zone slightly easier with faster access/travel to that area.
      1. South: Hill crest
      2. West: Caer Mathos
      3. Central: Eye of Regulos
      4. North: Burlingham
    • NPC's (mini-bosses) vs Real Players
      Ignore the mini-bosses.
      Their health to reward ratio is junk. By the time that you get the mini-bosses health to 50%, you can expect conquest to be nearly over. Mini-bosses in stillmoor conquest do not give a boost to your factions damage, healing or rewards if you kill them. You just get one (or two infinity stones) after killing them, and that is absolutely it.
    • A balance of AOE and ST damage is key.
      Having a balance between the two grants your faction to quickly knock out extractors to gain control of them; and the ability to keep the enemy faction overwhelmed by the continuous incoming damage. If everyone on your team is AOEing, chances are, your zerg is going to be at the same place for a good while.
    • Conquest Kills vs domination/extractor control.
      Much of the time during peak hours, conquest comes down to the kill count. Which means, that all three factions need to widdle away the 2500 player kills. This sometimes can last from an hour, upwards to four hours.
      During off-peak hours, the two other faction will either be under-manned, under-powered or lacking any leadership. This will cause the more dominant faction to be able to quickly control the map and start the five minute timer based on controlling 65%+ of the map.

    • Extractors
    • The more that your team controls, the more rewards that you get every ten minutes.
    • The less that your team controls, the lesser rewards that you will gain every ten minutes! (Pretty simple concept)
      Every extractor counts as 6% to the total of a faction. There are 18 total extractors to potentially control. Every extractor is around a region where a teleporter is at.

      Ideally, you wan't to keep away from the enemy factions nearest extractor(s) as those will normally be recaptured very quickly, and it seen as a waste of time.

    Hopefully this is of some use to people.

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    Conquest Buffs
    Please, please, please do not craft the healing taken buffs. Craft the reduced damage taken buffs. Much more useful. Also some increased damage done and mounted movement speed. Moving faster is incredibly useful both as an offensive tool and as a way of getting to an extractor in time to defend it.

    • Stay with your raid. Seriously. Stay with it. Move as a group. If your raid is small, find another one to merge with or stick close to a bigger one.
    • Keep moving forward. Do not retreat. Forward momentum is what breaks the enemy. Once they start pulling back they've lost and you can mop up the remaining forces at your leisure. Standing around at range gives your enemy time to react. A good charge into their midst puts them into panic mode and you will have a much easier time killing them.
    • Same goes when you get attacked. Don't let them charge you. The second someone calls "INC NORTH" or whatever, charge the enemy. Make sure you have the momentum and that they are the ones who either stop or pull back.
    • Stay with your raid.
    Along with proper specs and the above regarding buffs, this is why Nighfall does so well in EU. They move as one, they hit fast and they hit hard and dom/oath starts back pedalling and gets wiped. Me and a few others got Dom to do this tonight and we did a comeback from being wiped every time by NF and most times by Oath to wiping the floor with both.
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