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Thread: Explanation of why its though for healers atm :)

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    Default Explanation of why its though for healers atm :)

    Its only because the extra valor, Made people put all efforts in countering healers, aka,

    CC / SilencE/ Interupts/ Fear/ Punts / Stuns

    Give it a week, and the dpsers will have forgotten to Focus on us

    Just now, a lot of people were assist firing too,

    Give it time, and healing will be fine,

    Its not even that bad atm, Its the difference between a good healer and a lesser healer,

    Even lesser healers had to time to heal with high valor, Now, its like before the great healers, still survive because we are used to fast action, fast healing, thinking etc,

    Overall, Pretty good hotfix

    <3, Exxy

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    What was hilarious about the valor increase was there was a time that dom did its route from base to cm to TT and started a fight with NF and by the time the fight ended, Oath hit timer. Probably the fastest conquest I ever done.

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