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Thread: Save PvP: Merge the PvP Servers plz (Eng, Fre, Ger)

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    Default Save PvP: Merge the PvP Servers plz (Eng, Fre, Ger)

    to stop the pvp population drain, ppl dribbling over to the main pve servers and also save pvp and make the pvp servers more populated i suggest merging all pvp servers
    this would create a valid pvp server of medium to high population and actually make Open World PvP a daily reality, a much cherished and needed thing missing from pvp ppl's lives.

    The default language of the server would naturally be English and just like now in x-server pvp if the grp is mixed the main lanaguge should also be English

    Of course German or French guilds and grps and raids would be entitled to speak French or German only respectively and there would be a german and French chat channel

    When you join an IA or raid you vould have 3 choices for those with limited language. Choice 1. French only queue, choice 2. German only queue, Choice 3. Mixed ghroup queue English as main langauge.

    I just think Trion has to act now to sve the pvp servers AND stop the good decent pvp ppl giving up due to half empty servers and the transfer to pve easy mode serevrs (/shudder)

    I'm sure PvP of any nationality would rather have one big pvp server with us all in it, than pp to die and all be on PvE.

    Trion please discuss this idea. i'm sure there can be some tweaking or further suggestion but the core idea has been put to you. One PvP server. Get that population up and get those swords polished!

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    a bit late to the party. players have already acknowledged bloodiron as the last pvp eu server. both phynious and trubkopf died a long time ago.

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    The main reason PvP servers are dying is there is no real incentive in being on a PvP shard. Add something, anything. (i.e.mounts, costumes, or better PvP gear)
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    i agree on this. would be nice to also see some much needed events happening. something which would also needs changing imo. more events equals more people in open world equals more wpvp.
    i don't exactly know how event occurance is calculated, but it's not working on lowly populated servers... i know i for one would go more out in the open if there was actual reason for it, which there isn't currently
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    I, for one, love the idea of pvp'ing and learning how to QQ swear in french. Its like roseta stone on crack. Would there also be any men on men action? Oh those french! I also imagine the eu server is full of female toons running around in nothing but their undies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fripples View Post
    The main reason PvP servers are dying is there is no real incentive in being on a PvP shard. Add something, anything. (i.e.mounts, costumes, or better PvP gear)
    100% Correct ! Perhaps TRION hopes to get rid of PVP shards altogether. If this is there strategy then they are succeeding.

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    OR, they could just make it non faction, like it is on the rest of the servers.

    It should be about guild vs guild..alliance vs alliance.

    Not Defiants against Guardians. They pretty much did away with the faction against faction thing with SL..not sure why pvp servers are stuck behind the times.

    If they allowed guilds to create alliances, that could make for some interesting politics, not to mention spying, espionage etc. It could be really fun!
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    No significant reason to use the world = dead pvp servers.

    At best people come out to do world events or onslaughts...but the significance of the reasons that exist to go into the world are epically weak.

    I don't know about the new crowds of MMO's though, I think if you added the significance a world needs it would die. People don't seem to be drawn to a good merge of a PvE world on a PvP server. Things that come to mind off hand are: Contested world mobs that had top quality game loot, gate keeper mobs used for access quests, meaningful quest lines with indisputably desirable rewards, lack of instant ports to dungeons/raids and the need to actually travel through the world. Those are a few that come to mind that I've seen in other games that are completely void here. I remember when PvP servers had exclusive PvP gear you could not purchase on PvE servers in games as well - some of the top quality pvp stuff with unique proc bonuses and was still usable in BGs. All those sorts of things were incentive and reason to be on a PvP server if you enjoy it.

    The game is fun but, the world just has no allure at all. Not even obligatory allure.
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