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Thread: 365k Heals in Black Garden - Lvl 47 Cleric

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    Default 365k Heals in Black Garden - Lvl 47 Cleric

    I had an insane round of Black Garden last night, and I healed the pants off of my team. I was a level 47 (Now 49) Cleric healing in the Warden Spec. I was just curious, has anyone seen or done more healing than 365k in a Black Garden match prior to lvl 50? The match was 12 minutes long.

    And yes I may be a bit prideful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DudyCallz View Post
    Warden Spec..
    What's the problem here?

    I hit 1M on chloro spec waaaaaaaaaay back then. Was around 40. (1.2?) Was before Lifebound Viel.
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