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Thread: Current PvP/Valor/Complaints/Support

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    Default Current PvP/Valor/Complaints/Support

    I may have a slightly different perspective that some, in regards to current PvP in WF's. I can't speak for CQ, because I honestly hate the zerg fest it represents.

    Due to the current speed bug that exists in game, people are more reluctant to change their roles once inside a WF. How does this affect wf's and all the QQ'ing that is going on about nobody dying? You can't please everyone, and everyone knows they hate when there aren't any healers in a WF. I feel that those that have a healing role, change to it before they enter the WF. Once in a WF that has too many healers, what do you do? Do you change roles and go dps, only to have a 5-10% reduction in speed?

    I would ask that Trion waits until they fix the speed bug issue before they even look at the PvP situation. Players need to have the option of changes roles in a WF, without being penalized with a speed debuff.

    My 2nd thought is that every WF is different, and you get different players at different times of day. PvP is not a duel. If you are playing a support role for the team, expect to lose a 1v1. Too many players in WF's are solo artists. They only care about themselves and their own stats. WF's need more assisting and group play that typically happens. Take lead! call out assists, call out targets.

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    check out those devs post sometime.

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