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Thread: What's next on the pvp menu?

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    Default What's next on the pvp menu?

    Seem the flavor of the month is... well, stale. Remember when you got Rift, logged in the first time, and saw ALL those beautiful toys to play with? Instead of just a handful of presents- we received the WHOLE TOYSTORE.
    Pvp balance is probably impossible. We ALL have differing builds, gear, reaction time & strategies. However, the last year or more has seen a multitude of trends come & go. I can't thank Trion enough for granting us this wonderful playground, and applaud their patience in listening to those on the playfield. It seems everyone wants to be first to exploit every new change to souls, abilities, patch updates, etc- and this is understandable to a certain degree, as we all want to succeed in our gameplay endeavors.
    However, I feel we as intelligent competitors need to let Trion iron out the "bugs", let the dust settle, and adapt- without resorting to amassing an army of those wearing "flavor of the month" builds. I miss the old days of seeing Stormcallers & Reavers alongside each other- rather than the same nightblade/riftstalker builds with a pocket healer, for example. Sure, with all these options available at our fingertips, certain mixtures are more volatile than others. But to resort to every change & update with endless complaining because our individual character builds are "threatened", seems awful childish- and leads nowhere but a perpetual cycle of "flavors of the month."
    I understand everyones desire to excel in the limited time they have to play- but please be reasonable. All the kids want to wear the "new style" of sneakers even before they wear the old ones out- but sometimes we need to be thankful for what we have- and not that which is slightly beyond our reach.
    My point is this: a recent influx of new players don't get the sense of "magic" we jaded vets used to have- they ask questions about their dream Druid/Cabalist build, and are immediately assaulted by chatlines telling them "don't do that- do this...."
    It also seems too many are obsessed with the "numbers" aspect of pvp- dps & healing. Sure, but what about the appropriate moments to apply utilities & abilities, which in my opinion, make ALL the difference in a fight.
    To ensure the continued success of the game, and the fun therein, I propose we all "back off a little..." Be a team player, get what you can, and HAVE FUN.

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    From reading the post I get the impression was be patient instead of what's next. I really enjoy discussions more on what's next. I'd love to see a new WF introduced.

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    As much as I do agree with the OP I do also agree with Genny. Personally I would like a new WF map with CTF to make up what they have done to Whitefall.
    Tis folly.
    Quote Originally Posted by jupiterjijny View Post
    this is work of terrible Trion

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