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Thread: Toughness, block, parry, dodge etc.

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    Default Toughness, block, parry, dodge etc.

    What impact if any do these stats have on PVP ? I am a recently returned player and I know in the past that these stats were not suppose to have an affect on PVP, but they did. Is this still the case or does bolstering effectively elminate these stats along with any other PVE equipment you are wearing.

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    * 1-59 Warfront Brackets: Other then access to higher ability ranks and talent gains, all players should now be boosted to the max level effectiveness available in the bracket.
    * Level 60 Warfronts and Conquest: Bolstering at max level now has less to do with rank, and is instead focused on the PVP Gear you have equipped

    * Instead of boosting individual stats if they are below the desired ranks goals, or capping individual stats when you are above those goals we now examine each piece of gear to determine if it needs to be replaced or ignored.
    - Each slot is compared against the lowest set of PVP gear available.
    - If your gear is less powerful its stats will be replaced with the Mercenary set.
    - If the gear you have equipped lacks Valor and is more powerful its stats will be replaced with gear from the Mercenary set.
    - Procs and Runes have no effect if they are replaced.
    - Synergy Crystal Bonuses use your equipped items to determine which bonuses are applied.
    - Synergy Crystals, Greater Essences, Trinkets and Seals are excluded from Bolstering.

    Source: http://forums.riftgame.com/official-...1-13-12-a.html

    Parry/Dodge are reduced by all the +hit on the pvp gear.
    Toughness is useless.
    Block is working.

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    Also, you do need to equip an item in that slot to receive the bolstered version.
    It can be a level 4 item and it will be the same as a level 900 relic.
    My 52 mage uses a level 9 broom for WFs.

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    they need to come out with pvp runes that raise block , wastin my paladin points!!!
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