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Thread: Add shields to leaderboards please :)

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    Default Add shields to leaderboards please :)

    Joined a Black garden towards the end and at the end of the match, the leaderboard read that I had done approximately 66.7k in heals. But my super meter read that over a 3 minute time span, I had a healing rate of 2.2k/ps.

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    it's actually a good thing, players will identify you as a mediocre healer and you won't be targeted, sure your ego will take a slight hit but it's worth it.

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    how about.. get rid of the kills statistic per person (but keep a total kill stat for each team), and replace it with time spent in game. This is all kills is used for anyways. Then take killblows and make this the new kill statistic- except the kill goes to whoever had the majority of dmg on the target and not just the last hit (if that's possible) (in, say, the last 10seconds).
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