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Thread: Any slow please?

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    Default Any slow please?

    Ok, I am lvling atm my new char and atm Im 45 lvl Tempest.Yesterday I decided to give a chance to Paragon and I notice for the 1st time what is everyone is trying to say.
    Healers cant die, they do way more hps than anyones dps and they are facerolling us, BUT I dont think they are OP I think warriors are way weaker than they should be. This is the result for one and only one ability 90% warrior and rogues should have, SLOW we need slow we need time to put pressure on the target to build some buffs-debuffs and finally try to kill the healer who is jumping around drinking coffe read a newspaper and press his heals once in a while. Honestly I had a nightmare yesterday to do so. Champion soul provides charge just from taking the soul, Paragon and Warlords have their own 2 so why u give these 2 classes Sprint ( a classic rogue skill) and no slow? if i manage to catch u at least gime some time to do some dmg and i dont care if u dont die or anything but I DO CARE WHEN I HAVE HEADACHE CHASING AROUND ANY CLASS AMONG 10 OTHERS AND PRAY TO STAY STILL FOR 1 SEC TO DO MY CHANNELING THING. Its bad and it ruins ALL mellee classes.

    Please gime your opinions.
    Thx and soz for my rage ( I still have headache)

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    Do you mean Snares? I agree that melee Warriors need these desperately (and not just Death Touch in Paragon).

    With respect to healers, try something like Tempest synced burst or Riftblade. To kill a healer you typically need to time CC (especially Stuns/silences) well as well as burst and these specs are good for this. Warlord builds can also be quite scary.
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