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    Default Ttk

    With the incoming fix to healing bugs, it is appropiate to post this thread again. With the bugs, HP bars are like ping pong balls. They can go from 100%-1% and back in a few GCDs. Without the healing bugs, there will be no way to counter the ridiculous amounts of burst in end game PvP.

    My suggestion is to reduce damage SLIGHTLY (so heals can counteract damage successfully) and increase HP pools to allow for longer fights without totally shifting the healing:damage ratio.
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    I say we let this ride out. Forum regulars do not hold much weight when it comes to pvp proposals, as has been evident thus far.

    Its only when low post counters start spamming the forums is when things start to change, so, assuming its as bad as it looks on paper, lets let the not so vocal members of the community fight this one.

    S/N: We could be jumping the gun, 'memba 1.6 and 1.7. 1.6 was the pinnacle of balance, but we couldnt see that until 2-3weeks in. 1.7 was probably worse (i think for healers) but a month in, it was for the most part fine, not as good as 1.6, but not as bad as 1.8.

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    I agree the problem is low TTK (directly linked to low HP pools relative to DPS/HPS)

    I wouldn't touch HPS/DPS ratio, but simply reduce both (with valor and flat heal reduction constant).

    Since SL came, the best PVP experience I had was pre-bug, in 50-59 bracket (where relative HP pools are bigger)
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