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Thread: One last thing

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    Default One last thing

    Was thinking long and hard about a lot of the things I enjoyed and liked in rift and while there are numerous accomplishments and well thought ideas: I remain and still consider myself an avid pvp player, I dont consider myself good at all but I fight for the fight and thats always been good to me.

    Recently I had high hopes for storm legion, a large expansion which brought many great new features, new continent, dimensions, the whole wardrobe selection out of any class was a huge plus for me since I love that part of the customization as well, and yet through this whole 30 dollar grand expansion what did the pvp players get? 1 new warfront...

    I seriously thought that the beta was unfinished in the showcasing of all the things they were going to have out, but nope 2.1 rolled around and conquest is still the same crap, except for the decaying points which made me even more disgusted with the mode *id rather be gimped than play that bs seriously* Warfronts still the same, for god knows what reason they havent bothered with TDM or any kind of other mode cycling, other than the 2 types of BG and WFS, oh not to mention the NPC lulz in PS when it was scarier running into the squads than it was to face enemy players.

    Forgive me if I sound melodramatic, but I do love this game and have loyaly played since the RoS release even raided pre~ID release, but as I said, I play for the pvp and I just cant stomach it anymore. Its not about balance to me, its not about winning or even losing, its about having fun.

    The last day I played I tried to play with 2 friends, 2 ****ing friends and it took us 30 minutes to get a que into a losing LoR. I wouldnt care so much about the crappy tired *** modes if I could at least play with my friends who moved to more populated shards because the deadass pvp shards cant retain a withering population, or for their own reasons, but alas, instead of allowing even that, again like in conquest for actually pvping your penalized.

    Theres great tools, a pretty sweet system of customability as for soul combos, and yet its little things such as those that just diminish it for me. I hope things change or that one day they show that they at least want to invest more into pvp, but until then im done.

    ~I hope to all the people I played with and had the pleasure of knowing, fighting with, dying to, and meeting again and again for all the hours I poured into this games pvp, that this game improves and that the pvp population returns, until then take care and I wish you the best...


    p.s just wanted to say my 2 cents, and lastly forgive me to all the people who I tried to form the pvp militia with, I wound up rethinking a lot of stuff recently that happened to me personally which is why I took 2 weeks off, but in the time I was off I decided to quit rift for the above reasons again I ask you forgive me Il be keeping an eye on TESO maybe their pvp will be more nurtured and looked after.
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    inb4 lock.
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    It always boggled me why the mods don't just make a consolidated "Hi, I am leaving Rift thread"

    Would save them a lot of work and this board a lot of deadspace from multiple locked threads~
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyera View Post
    inb4 lock.
    Something like that.

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    Default That magical deadline approaches.

    It seems to be like clockwork that expacs face an exodus at about three months. Its not like three months isnt long enough for them to work out bugs, and reassess the class balance, and make any minute changes needed to the metagame. But we are fast approaching, the end of people's patience threshold.

    I am in full agreement with the OP. Trion has seriously let down the pvp side of this game.
    Its a shame to see more people leave what used to be IMO, the best pvp mmo on the market.
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    I'm sad to see you go

    But don't forget to stay active on the DYER forum! Then I can tell you which faction and class I'll be playing in ESO.

    I agree with a lot of what you said...I had higher hopes for SL pvp. So far, it's been really disappointing.
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    ( Ed why you have to go?

    I hope you find another game bud. It was always fun pvping with you in Battleworn. Miss those days. I hope that Trion gets the hint after a while that their pvp is forcing players to quit. Good, respected and admired players.

    <3 xoxoxo I will miss you.

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