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Thread: Things you would rather see on T2 PvP PA?

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    Default Things you would rather see on T2 PvP PA?

    Hey everyone I figured that there are a Ton of people who are feeling a bit distrought over the T2 PVP PA and I though it would be somewhat helpful to Trion to provide them with other viable options instead of the ones we have obviously lashed out against.

    Im pretty sure if we ask for some complicated talents Its not going to happen but try to keep it simple I guess.

    IMO improving on the old ability's granted through T1 PvP PA would be a great start maybe add 10 reduction to guard for example.(warriors)

    Fix the bloodthirsty CD 2 hours is a bit much for a buff we can get by simply spending a silver artifact every few 15 seconds or whatever the ICD is.

    5%c rit reduction is a great start to TTK lowering however we arent really running around with enough crit to be able to afford a full 5% reduction. (speaking as melee forced to play tank hybrids) this only only further ensure MORE full DPS ranged warriors making up for thats loss in return further un balancing the roles you see in WF's currently.

    Instead of Crit reduction I would like to see a base dmg reduction of say 5-10%.
    This might affect chloro and i dont think many here will argue that chloro damage TOO DAMN HIGH so obviously should be ignoring the talent.

    Just a few of my ideas maybe some wish lists.

    Maybe an cross realm arena dimension key would be nice??? hahaha I know I know..keep dreaming

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    I'd like to have this back:

    Should be easy to turn back on.

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