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Thread: Inq determination fix and implications

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    Default Inq determination fix and implications

    I didn't really consider interrupts a control effect for the purpose of the ability though it's on the fuzzy side. The implications for the change are pretty bad however. It will now take 4 control effects to completely stop an inquisitor's ideal combo for Nysyr's rebuke. One to remove perseverance, one to stop NR, then the inq casts coalescence and perseverance on themselves again before the second NR. Fortunately they'd have to use a GCD to reapply it so there'd be more time to react with other stuff.

    I've always been one of the "NR isn't as hard to deal with as other burst" people due to the fact that you can interrupt/stun etc., but now it can take a coordinated team to stop them, barring LOS interrupts and healer reactions.

    I know Daglar mentioned wanting to change NR so it's not such a huge part of inq DPS, but we can't say how far down the line that change will be.

    I suppose you could respond by using a CC ability on any inq you see with the buff currently up even before they attempt NR, hoping the cooldown for perseverance isn't ready to reapply.

    Any other thoughts on this change in dynamics?

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    It matters not whether Trion does this or Trion does that to Inquisitor since the end result would still be the same....loading please wait to anyone on the receiving end.

    Keep trying...

    99.9% of ALL Rogs are WOS

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    I too am a bit weary about this for pvp. I will officially have no justification for using shaman (hate dealing with cast times and rather shamans all instants).

    Although NR is getting its damage reduced if I read that correctly, but I can see the carnage. However, its no different than tempest and MMs except we can be silenced. Guess I gotta delete something to put inqui back in.

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