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Thread: Explanation of PvP Gear, What To Look For, And Specs+Macros

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    Default Explanation of PvP Gear, What To Look For, And Specs+Macros

    Hey Guys And Gals,

    I know, this may sound very weird, and some may even snicker, but can someone explain to me what the difference between valor and vengence is, and explain anything else that is not underneath the regular gear you can pick up. And given the fact that I'm a Warrior DPS, which one should I go for?

    Also, if anyone could put up a link for a Melee DPS Spec (With Macros), and a Ranged DPS Spec, it would be greatly appreciated. By the way, I am a level 60. I know, I know, your prolly wondering how I have yet to know any of the information ive requested; well thats due to the fact that I have never really seen a need to PvP. There is so much other content in the game to explore, and just really didn't have an interest.

    And up until recently, ive not had any interest in it, and now that ive done it quite a few times, I'm hooked. And want to know more!

    Thanks In Advance! :-)
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    Valor is damage reduction in PvP specific. Vengeance is AP/SP which is PvP specific.

    I'll let the more experienced Warriors field your other questions, though I have specs of my own too.
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