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Thread: CQ updated Thread: Trion thank you but....

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    Default CQ updated Thread: Trion thank you but....

    First let me say THANK YOU. I was very critical of you in my thread Trion, why haven't you fixed CQ yet?

    The random que has made CQ much better... but there is a huge AFK problem. Why?

    Well, there is no way at all to remove AFKers. If you vote them out all that happens is they are removed from the raid group and they still take up a population spot and can immediately join a raid group.

    Another issue is to even vote them AFK every person in the raid group has to be OUT OF COMBAT, which is difficult to begin with.

    Also, groups of AFKers have made their own AFK raid group so they can't be voted out.

    Please remove the OUT OF COMBAT requirement on voting, and if someone is voted AFK they should not be able to rejoin CQ until the next one starts, or Use the same system as used in WF's where if someone is voted AFK they have 1 minute to engage in combat or they are removed and suffer a 1 hour ban.


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    They are going to fix the afking/non-participation issue.

    A dev said they were working on a fix.

    They aren't going to focus on just getting that in..there's a lot of other issues that have to be fixed too.

    It's kind of like making a lasagne. It's pretty labor intensive, so when you make it..you want to make a bunch of it all at once.

    It will be put in with a bunch of other fixes at the same time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Archongamer View Post
    ...Also, groups of AFKers have made their own AFK raid group so they can't be voted out.
    this seems a pretty silly thing for the afkers to be doing.
    if you are in a raid, you are auto flagged afk much much faster than if your out of a raid.
    as such, most of the repeat offender afkers arent concerned at all about being vote kicked from a raid....the leave the raid as soon as they enter the CQ!

    using the wf vote afk system is flawed. have you ever tried to get a team to mark an afker in a warfront?
    its about as impractical as attempting to herd a team into going to dex when they all want to be the hero outside vault.

    both WFs and CQs should require just a single player to mark someone as afk.
    since there is a 1min debuff for the accused to notice and take some kind of action, false afk marking should have no effect at all.

    one player to flag an afker, one min debuff to get into the action, one hour debuff if you afk out.

    for CQ, prefferably they'll remove the marks granted at the end of the match and instead distribute marks per extractor during.
    if you dont hit the extractor, you dont get any marks at all.
    same with CQ power.

    no more reason to sit around afk if the rewards are tied to the objectives.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ocho View Post
    Or to put it more simply, it doesn't matter if you're topping the charts if you're killing the wrong people.

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    I'm just saying 3 teams giant battle in the eye aoe lag fest every person has 2 lives last man standing wins for their team.
    Also to make it interesting Rezes do not take away one of your two lives
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    Appears the queue isn't truly random.

    You can completely circumvent it by using the random button and immediately leave > requeue if you don't get the team you want.

    what is this I don't even

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    its hard to do it but yes, also, you can que for oath and get dom most of the time.

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    easy fix just delete bases!
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