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Thread: Make PVP kill gold auto-loot and other suggestions

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    Default Make PVP kill gold auto-loot and other suggestions

    A few things I'd like to see in the games:

    * Make player kill gold in pvp auto-loot, its bad enough how pvp'ers get the short end of the stick regarding gold but to ask players to stop playing to loot dead bodies is lame. Let us take what we earned without distracting us from the game at hand.

    * Make all mounts the speed of your fastest mount. I have rep mounts I'd love to see and spent so much time grinding to earn and they have to sit in the stable.

    * Make CQ random queuing only. I think the reasons are obvious to anyone who has every played CQ.

    * Do something about leechers (AFKers), why are we asked to put up with it?

    In general I think the game is in a great state, just thought I'd throw in some constructive thoughts.

    BTW check out my awesome tanking video:


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    1, yes
    2, YES
    3, we have a random queue button now, wich i tend to use since i really dont care what team i end up with. random only? nah, dont
    4, perhaps biggest yes so far, but what to do... how to do....

    nice vid ;)
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