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I find that the best place to get 1 on 1 fight is in CQ or small 5 on 5 groups even. I can't stand zerging you will usually find me camping one of the other team bases looking for people to fight 1 on 1 or 2on1 as they run down after re spawn. I don't hide (Cleric Shaman) and look for people to come to me. Sometimes me and guildies will go hang out and look for groups to fight. Don't run its a sure way to die quick if you fight me there is a good chance you will win either way it will be fun.
Agreed, you can find yourself in a lot of 1v1 situations in cq if you avoid the zergs, problem is 90% of the time i'm just picking off players who got lost and die pitiful, it's very rare to find a satisfying opponent, so i figured this might be the best way to get some really good duels. It's still fun though.