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Thread: CQ Overhaul

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    Default CQ Overhaul

    Since I have a mindless job, I am always thinking of ways to make rift better. Conquest was the topic for me today and I wanted to share. I will try to sum this up the best I can to limit text.

    First I really don't like the huge zergs, they are not fun, there is no skill involved, and nothing but lag. I would like to see something like 5 or 6 20 man teams. I would like to see 10 pvp and 10 pve on each team. Since CQ kind of was made for everybody I would like to see some mechanics that would pander to both groups and would promote team play.

    I think there should be a 2 hour time limit, and like 10 objectives that you have 20 minutes each to finish. Which ever team completes the most wins. Freelancer marks for pvp and raid marks for pve for completing some of the objectives. Pve has no vengeance and only gets a valor buff from being around there bodyguards pvp and pvp cant take down extractors and dragons due to hit. We need to depend on one another to win.

    The objectives could be anything. I think there is alot of room for ideas here ranging from escort missions to gathering, to a full scale raid boss that doesn't just stand there with millions of hit points, o ya and holding on to their extractors. Most player kills should always be one, and sabotage also comes to mind. All the elements to keep everyone happy. I could go into great detail but I won't do that to you. These are just some free ideas for you trion only because me luv you long time.

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    Obligatory reference to my wall of text thread somewhere on these boards.
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