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Thread: Random CQ queue

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    Default Random CQ queue

    It would be really nice to have only a sign up for conquest, and then a queue system which let in players in even numbers on all three teams.
    I get my 40 marks whichever i queue for, but mostly Dominion is the only real choice i have, since Nightfall or Oathsworn being the 'winning' teams will have queue throughout entire match.

    This leaves me to enter a team which consists of mostly afk players...but as said, i get my marks, i just prefer to actually play when i enter

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    Unfortunately this has been the most requested feature but Trion have stated that it would cause too many other issues and they didn't want to go there at the moment. Whether random queues would work (I'm in favour) or not is a matter that's been greatly debated but when it comes to Trion they've never clarified the position of why it can not be implemented. Just that one response and that's all with no explanation. Does make me a bit sad but then I've been really enjoying SL PVE lately.

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