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Thread: Just hit 50, gearing up

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    Default Just hit 50, gearing up

    Just wanted to know where and what I should start spending my favor on? Do I use the guy in Meridian? I'm just a little confused. Says there are different tiers of gear. I just don't want to waste my favor.

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    If you have the expansion, just pre-purchase your merc gear in TB.
    The bolstering kind of kills any point to PvP gear aside from the crystal I guess (until level60).
    If all you do is PvP and have no other sources of gear then buy it. As it wont be a waste, you will earn more than you can spend when you start leveling prestige. Favor is almost a useless currency now.(its not totally useless, but you will understand at 60)

    If you don't have the expansion (not sure if they changed it recently)
    You have to buy the lower tier gear and use it (like a token) & favor to buy the next tier, assuming you have the proper prestige rank.
    Don't have it equipped when trying to buy the next tier (has to be in your bags)
    This process starts all over again at 60.

    Hope this helps
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    The best PVP gear for lvl 50 can be bough in Meridian and it will give you a good boost in stats when you go to SL if you have enough Favor, I say buy it...If you dont want the stats or dont want to waste favor then skip it. If you are in a big guild ask someone to drop a banner in TB and port to it and start buying Mercenary Gear..Either way its doesnt matter, you will be drowning in Favor before you know it.

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