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Thread: Broken WF Bolstering - Any response from Devs ?

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    Default Broken WF Bolstering - Any response from Devs ?

    This issue was already reported in this thread. Inside you can find several proofs that stat bolstering is not working properly. This allows ppl who know what is broken to gain unfair advantage in WFs.

    We got zero response from Dev Team. We don`t know if they are working on it or even if are aware of this issue.

    He is another example:



    Replacing a PvP Merc Ring (37 Int, 24 Wis, 53 End, 19 SP, 28 Ven, 140 Valor) with PvE Ring (60 Int, 40 Wis, 47 End, 19 SP) will yield + 19 S.Crit, +50 HP and - 6 SP.

    This makes no sense at all. Int and Wisdom values do not change. I get extra 5 endurance by equipping a PvE ring with 6 endurance less. For some reason SP changes too even though both rings have the same SP value. I also gain S.Crit even though both rings do not have S.Crit (Int and Wis are not changing).
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    Doh, that is a bit wonky. I do hope they solve this.

    Although I sort of wish they would just nix bolstering, give pvp gear redeemable core stats - and...zomg.

    At least now PvP gear could warrant having some nice stats. At *best* people are only running around in 1 - 4 pieces of *t2* armor at this point in time I'd assume. This armor should be much more desirable on a global scale. If the stats weren't basically level 50 ID gear, this wouldn't be as glaring a problem~

    However, that is a pipe dream. Hope they fix it.
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