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Thread: Please Adjust Random Rewards

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    Default Please Adjust Random Rewards

    Currently, PvP-ing to level is mind numbingly slow. The random reward is the only way to get decent experience/plat while leveling through WFs. However, one a day is not enough to move at a decent pace. Once I burn through my initial 7 (takes maybe 2-2 and a half hours. One marathon's worth or a couple of days of playing casually), the rest of my warfronts that week give me almost nothing. I ask that you make then 7 reset every day. The reward might be too high if it is 7 a day, so maybe adjust the reward accordingly. But I shouldn't be able to do a dungeon that takes 20 minutes and get more exp than doing warfronts for an hour.

    This would make me and I assume a lot of PvP-ers happy. Right now, I can't justify doing the same warfronts over and over to level at 33% the rate of doing dungeons. I PvP for fun, but I also want to level and progress my character. As of right now, those two objectives can not be achieved.
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    Given the equipment difference is so small I believe this is intended. I find it slow too but it is likely that way intentionally.

    That is why I laugh at people who claim they are going for favor / prestige over winning. It is stupid.
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    I don't even have a random normal SL dungeon option, so random wf has replaced it for me. I think once a day with current reward is fine. It's still faster than waiting forever for a dungeon queue to pop.

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